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May 23, 2005

NL Game 52


Caramanico    11

Wilson Safe Company    7


For the first 4 innings, this National League game resembled a Major League game.  Both teams pitchers were firing strikes, registering a number of strike outs and the kids were making defensive play after defensive play.  The highlight of the night and maybe the year was a diving catch by Brian Koskinen.  He was playing first base.  A foul ball was hit in front of his dugout.  Fully extended horizontally, Brian made the catch about 2 inches from the ground.


Colin Mcguire pitched the first two innings for Wilson Safe Company, registering 3 strikeouts, while giving up only 2 runs.  Charles slackway and Matt Rectenwald got the only hits off Colin.  Steve McAlee pitched the third and fourth innings for Wilson, registering 3 strikeouts, while giving up only 3 runs.  Meanwhile Wilson Safe was making a ton of plays, including 2 force plays at home, thanks to the catching efforts of Bobby Rennie and Steve Mcalee. 


Caramanico broke it open in the fifth, or so they thought, with 6 runs, thanks to the hitting of Ethan Heller, Alex Mulhearn, Alex McLaughlin, Bryan Leonard, James Kantnor (2hits for the game) and Charles Slackway (2 hits for the game).  Wilson came back in the bottom of the 5th with six runs of their own.  Hitting for Wilson was Bobby Rennie, Matt McNichol and Brian Koskinnen.


Alex McLaughlin pitched 4 stellar innings for Caramanico, striking out 8, while only allowing 1 run.  Ethan Heller came on in the sixth inning and shut the door, striking out 3.