May 21, 2005

NL Game 51


Wilson Safe Company Rockies    3

Rose Tree Getty Marlins    1


Another exciting ending to the Rockies fifth win of the season, as they held on after the Marlins loaded the bases in the top half of the sixth inning.  The Rocks defense clamped down for the second straight game and they came away with the hard fought victory over a very tough and well coached Marlins squad. 


Both clubs played well in field, especially early in the game as the Marlins shut down the Rockies with three ground ball outs in the first.  The Rockies pitching and defense were able to keep the powerful Marlins batters off balance putting up zeros in the runs column through the first five innings.   


Offensively the Rocks were lead by Bobby Rennie (two hits, two runs scored), James Hare, Cameron Ricciardi and Ellis Driscoll who each had a base knock.   The Rockies Colin McGuire, Steve McAlee and Jack Daly were able to pitch effectively throughout the contest giving up only one run.  Chris Smith, Matt McNichol, Andrew Wilson, Seth Luck and Michael Kramer all contributed to the Rockies victory with their hustle and desire. 


 The Marlins were lead by Timmy Quinn and Corey Hansen who each had a base hit.