May 1, 2005 (for rainout of April 30, 2005)

NL Game 25


Bill Battey's Yankees    14

Spectrum Roofing Orioles    13


In an exciting high scoring game the Yankees came out on top over the Orioles with a 14 - 13 victory. 


The Orioles jumped out to an 8 - 0 lead after 1 1/2 innings with Jack Keffer and Sean Doyle getting hits in both the first and second innings.


The Yankees replied with 9 unanswered runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings with Damon Branch, Christian Miller and Zachary Kracht each collecting two hits for the Yankees.


Nick Ladde came on to pitch the 4th inning and shut down the Orioles offense with a pop up and two strikeouts.  The Yankees then gave themselves a small cushion scoring 5 more runs in the bottom of the 4th.


The Orioles showed they weren't done yet by scoring 5 in the top of the fifth to make it a one run game again.  Brady Logan and Jack Doyle got key hits for the Orioles in the inning.


Jack Keffer pitched an excellent 5th inning to shut down the Yankees and set up an exciting finish to the game. 


Brandon Burns came on to pitch for the Yankees in the 6th inning with a one run lead.  The first batter, Graham Kerrigan, hit a shot up the middle but Yankee second baseman Zachary Kracht was shading him that way and was able pick up the hot grounder and make the play for the first out.  Brady Logan then hit a swinging bunt.  James McConnon shot out from behind the plate picked up the ball and made a strong throw to first.  Brendon Welsh made a great stretch and the Yankees barely got Brady out at first.  Then with runners on first and second, Sean Doyle hit a wicked ground ball to first that Brendon picked up and was able to make the unassisted put out to end the game. 


For the Orioles, Jack Keffer had three hits, while Thomas Bacchia, Sean Doyle, Jack Doyle and Brady Logan each had a pair of hits.


For the Yankees James McConnon and Damon Branch each had three hits, and Christian Miller and Zachary Kracht each had a pair of hits.


The Yankees finished with 15 hits and 14 runs and the Orioles finished with 12 hits and 13 runs.