June 5, 2005

ML Game 45


Moppert    7

Campbell    1


The final game of the regualr season finally took place after being rained out on Fridya night.  Moppert chipped away with 2 in the 1st (couple of walks and a hit by Taylor Longacre) and another 2 in the 2nd inning ( a walk and hits by Kyle Longacrew and Adam Junkin). Te real story fo this game was solid pitching by the Moppert Quartet of Bosco (2 innings, no runs), Vendetta (2 innings, no runs), Mclarney (1 inning, 1 run) and Junkin (1 inning, no runs). 


Campbell's lone run can on a rocket off the bat of Justin Brown.  


Other solid contributors to Moppert offensive effort were Alex Donoghue with a nice hit and Omar Randall with a triple.


This win rapped up 1st place for Moppert.  They now head into the playoff with a 1st round bye and await the winner of the Baker - Carman 1st round matchup.