May 10, 2005

ML Game 30


Moppert    8

Hagan    0


This game matched the Major League's top two teams in a mid-season showdown.  After a scoreless 1st inning  Moppert struck for 3 runs in the 2nd innings highlighted by a Brian Vendetta 2 run homer over the left-center field.  Moppert extended it's lead in 5th to 4 - 0 and then closed it out with 4 more in the 6th inning.


The story of the game however was Moppert rock solid defensive play, especially in the outfield.  Some of the best plays included a Conner McCarren's catch in right field and then throw to 3rd base to nail the runner trying to tag and advance. Then in the second inning Omar Randall raced into right center field to catch a sure double by Matt Leonard.  And finally Taylor Longacre, playing second base,  made a nice catch in short center field on a "bloop" hit off the bat of Julian Heller that had single written all over it.


Despite given up 8 runs, Kevin Melone (5 innings) and Chris Maharaj (1 inning) pitched pretty well for Hagan's. 


For Moppert, Brian Bosco (3 innings) and Adam Junkin (3 innings) pitched very well given up 0 hits.