May 3, 2005

ML Game 23


Moppert    12

Baker    2

This game was much closer than the score would indicate.  While Brian Boscoís pitching was solid throughout, Baker managed to keep it close scoring runs in the 3rd and 5th innings on the aggressive and well thought out base running of Ian Campbell.


Moppert grabbed a 1 Ė 0 lead in the 1st innings with a leadoff double by Conner McCarren and singles by Kyle Longacre and Adam Junkin.  This may have been a big inning if not for a fine double play by Bakerís infield.  Moppert created a little breathing room in the 3rd inning by plating 3 runs and then added a couple more in the 4th inning.  Even after 4 innings and Moppert leading 6-2 the game felt tight.  Finally the flood gates opened in the 5th when Moppert offense really kicked.  Keys hits came from Jack Donoghue and Alex Abromowitz.   Bakerís offense came in the form of hits by Kyle Wenner, Eric McGough and Colin Campbell.