April 16, 2005

CL Game 1


Gregory Hillyard, DMD    15

Kenny's Flowers    15


The first game for the Continental League got underway with the home team Devil Rays taking on the Dodgers. The first 2 innings were played with both sides scoring 5X's before the 3 outs were made. In the top of the 3rd, the Dodger's brought out their heavy bats. Both Brendan Ricciardi and Camden Wagner hit balls into the outfield for home runs! Connor Daly hit a screamin' line drive that would have been to the fences (if there were any) but 2nd baseman Sam Freedman snatched the ball out of the air so fast he had to take a look inside his glove himself to be sure he caught it!

Both teams scored 5 runs each in the three full innings played for a 15-15 tie.