May 1, 2005 (makeup for April 30, 2005 rainout)

AL Game 22


Quotations    7

Fox Gardner    1

Quotations posted a 7-1 victory over previously undefeated Gardner Fox.   Ben Geiger and Kellen Edmondson each hit doubles in the first to help give Quotations a 4-0 lead.   In the second inning lead-off batter John Ferruzzi reached first on a walk then eventually stole his way home. Quotations scoring continued in the third when Dave Ruffini singled and reached home on Quinn Walsh's RBI single.   Walsh stole his way around for Quotations' final run.   Quotations pitchers Kevin Bosco and Edmondson posted thirteen strikeouts. Fox pitchers Phillip Kotcamp, Nolan Dirienzi and Brian Gross combined for eleven strikeouts.   They were backed up by shortstop Brian Gross who made a great first-inning catch behind second base and also solidly collected grounders for three made-it-look-easy throw-outs.    Fox efforts to break through were blocked when runners were tagged out after attempting to steal second base, one on a 1-3-4 pick-off in the first and the other on a nice throw from catcher Ferruzzi in the second.    Nolan Dirienzi scored the single Fox run in the sixth after reaching first on a single and then being driven in by Kevin Dougherty's single.   Fox fielding highlights included a throw-out   by catcher Dirienzi to get a stealing Geiger at second and a catch of an Edmonson fly ball by center fielder Justin Barker. In the final inning Gardner scoring was ended by a shoetop grab of a Gross liner by Ferruzzi, who had moved to second, and catcher Nate Engleka's collection of a pop-up foul ball.