April 28, 2005

AL Game 19


Quotations    12

Axis    0

Quotations pitchers Kevin Bosco and Kellen Edmondson each threw 3 shutout innings for a 12-0 win over Axis Financial. In his mound debut Edmondson recorded four strikeouts to go with Bosco's six.   Axis Financial almost had runs in the first but Brian Berry and Kyle Tommasino were out at the plate after attempting to steal from third. Quotations catcher and lead-off batter John Ferruzzi scored four runs including one on a nifty run-down between third and home.    Axis batsmen were able to get wood on the ball but the Quotations infield made plays including two fly balls caught by second baseman Nate Engleka.   The Financial's evening ended on a well-hit shot to left-field that was caught by the Quote's Timmy Divis.