April 22, 2005

AL Game 12


Axis Financial    16

ECT    9


Axis Financial added their second win in a week against Emergency Care with a 16 to 9 final score. Now playing visitor Axis Financial saw a new intensity with this game from the earlier in the week meeting with Emergency Care. The game was tied after two innings (7 to 7). Good pitching and great fielding for both sides kept the match even after three.


The fourth inning added great suspense as Axis Financial got 9 runs and watched the remaining daylight become the deciding factor in this game. To the mound went John Owens who needed to finish the inning in short order to avoid the loss of the 9 runs earned in that inning. With light becoming the deciding factor in this contest, it was a masterful sight to watch John stop the inning allowing just 5 batters to face him as he threw strikes and ended this exciting game with little light to spare.