April 11, 2005

AL Game 11


Fabian-Baber    24

Quotations Restaurant    7


While the weather may have turned noticeably cooler when Fabian-Baber, Incorporated and Quotations Restaurant took Dotts Field Thursday night to rumble for their second and last time of the regular season, the bats of the FBI sluggers quickly caught fire and scorched Quotation for 18 hits in a 24-7 rout.  


Quotations drew first blood in the top of the 1st off of four consecutive hits from Tim Divis, Kevin Bosco, Ben Geiger and David Ruffini to give them a 2-0 lead.  But after a pre-game admonishment from Manager Chet Brown on the need to always fight back even when runs are given up early to an opponent, the Fabian-Baber players apparently took his words to heart and delivered the game secure by scoring 11 runs in the bottom of the 1st.


Providing the lionís share of FBIís offense was Dan Furman with 3 singles and a triple and 5 runs, Kevin McGarvey with a triple, a double and a single and 4 runs, Zander Brown with 2 doubles and 2 runs and Joe DeMalavez with a double and 3 runs scored. Also contributing were Sanjit Singh and Connor Bradley, each with a double, and Nabeel Minhaj, Anup Singh, Brian Fitzgerald and Ryan Bradley all with singles.  


Winning pitcher was Joe DeMalavez with a strong save by Ryan Bradley.