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Justina's List o' Links

Some cool websites for history teachers, students, and enthusiasts

The HistoryNet: great place to find an article on a subject you’re studying. Contains journal articles, eyewitness accounts, pictures that change weekly, “This Date in History,” daily quizzes, and an interactive chat room to discuss historical issues.

National Archives and Records Administration: a clearinghouse of archives of virtually all subjects. Also includes lesson plans and activities that incorporate archival documents and that correlate with the national standards for history. Very extensive but very helpful! Go right to NAIL, the searchable database.

Bring History Alive: Great for reading up on what the proposed national standards are. This page gives the table of contents for a sourcebook for American history and world history that teaches to the standards as well as giving information about the purchase the book. Nonetheless, it posts examples of activities for a few of the chapters. The projects are solid, analytical ones, but not terribly interesting as far as different teaching methods and learning styles go.

The History Channel: Contains audio clips from famous speeches, historical travel itineraries, and an on-line museum. Not very extensive but not bad for a corporation!

Women in the World history curriculum: Excellent source for interesting, informative lessons incorporating women’s voices and experiences in the curriculum.Contains lessons, biographies, women’s quotations, and links to sites concerning women’s history and issues.

Sites for the History Profession: links to over 100 sites. Good stuff. Go here if nothing in the five above turns up.

Don’t forget to check out what my peers have to say!

Other Bryn Mawr and Haverford student-teachers discuss their views on technology in English, math, physics, history, and French classrooms. Nothing like it on earth!!


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