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Code Name
Real Name
First Appearance
AlchemyUnrevealedX-Factor 41
Answer UnrevealedSpectactular Spider-man 92
Batwing Unrevealed Untold Tales of Spider-man 2
BeyonderUnrevealed Secret Wars 1 Deceased
Black MarvelUnrevealedFantastic Four Annual 26
BorisUnrevealed Fantastic Four Annual 2
Cobalt ManUnrevealedUncanny X-Men 31
Copperhead UnrevealedDaredevil 124
CrimsonUnrevealedX-Factor 54
D-Man UnrevealedCaptain America 328
Death-Stalker Philip SterlingDaredevil 39
Dominic FortuneUnrevealed Iron Man 213
El TigreUnrevealedUncanny X-Men 25
EmpyreanJonathan Chambers X-Men Annual 2
EverymanUnrevealedCaptain America 267
GenegineerDavid Moreau Uncanny X-Men 235
Ghath UnrevealedExcalibur Annual 1
GibbonUnrevealed Amazing Spider-man 110
Gomurr the Ancient Unrevealed
GremlinUnrevealedIncredible Hulk 163
Grotesk Gor-Tok II Uncanny X-Men 41
Guardsman Kevin O'BrianIron Man 43Deceased
Guardsman IIUnrevealedIron Man 95
HarpyUnrevealedIncredible Hulk 168
Impossible Man Unrevealed Fantastic Four 11
InheritorUnrevealedIncredible Hulk 149
Kargul Unrevealed
Lazarus UnrevealedIncredible Hulk Annual 19
LunatikUnrevealed The Defenders 53
Lunatik II UnrevealedThe Defenders 71
MachinesmithSam SaxonMarvel Two-In-One 47
Madame WebUnrevealed Amazing Spider-man 210
MetalloUnrevealed Tales Of Suspense 16
Missing LinkUnrevealedIncredible Hulk 105
Modred the Mystic Modred Marvel Chillers 1
Nina Nina Onslaught Epilogue
NocturneAngela CairnSpectactular Spider-man Annual 13
OzymandiasOzymandiasUncanny X-Men 332
QuarkUnrevealedLongshot 5
Ricochet Rita Unrevealed Longshot 2
Roma Roma Uncanny X-Men 225
Serpent Crown Unrevealed The Sub-Mariner 9
Shaper of Worlds UnrevealedIncredible Hulk 155
Shrill UnrevealedExcalibur 83
SledgeUnrevealedX-Force 66
StonewallUnrevealed Uncanny X-Men 215Deceased
TarUnrevealedUncanny X-Men 330
Tores UnrevealedGeneration X 21
Warlock UnrevealedUncanny X-Men 30

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