Since becoming a comicbook fan a few years ago, I decided to make a database of all the Marvel characters. In the past year it has grown significantly and now has over 800 entries. I have broken them down into the group they have been with and listed in alphabetical order under their most recent group. Heroes that are not in a group are under Heroes and villains that are not in a group are under Villains.

Alpha Flight through The Defenders

Excalibur through the Hellions

Heroes through the Inhumans

The Invaders through The U.S. Govern.

Villains A-E

Villains F-M

Villains N-Z

Villains in groups A-L

Villains in groups M-Z

W.H.O. through X.S.E.

And those who are on their own

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Some of the information contained in this database could be wrong. I have spent many hours researching this information and still have some missing pieces. If you know of any real names, groups, or first appearances that I do not have or have wrong please contact me at Also if you have a character I missed please let me know and I will add it ASAP. All character names, group names, and Comicbook titles are owned by Marvel.

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