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Code Name
Real Name
First Appearance
BuckyBucky Barnes Invaders Captain America Comics 1 Deceased
ExpediterZoe CullodenLandau, Luckman, & Lake
Noah Mr. Noah Landau, Luckman, & Lake
GladiatorMelvin PotterMaggia Daredevil 18
Callisto Unrevealed Morlocks Uncanny X- Men 169
Masque Unrevealed Morlocks Uncanny X- Men 169Deceased
Plague Unrevealed Morlocks Uncanny X- Men 169
Sunder Unrevealed Morlocks Uncanny X- Men 169
Cpt. George StacyGeorge Stacy N.Y.P.D.Amazing Spider-man 56 Deceased
Jean Dewolff Jean Dewolff N.Y.P.D. Marvel Team-up 48Deceased
Cypher Doug Ramsey New Mutants New Mutants 13Deceased
Karma Xi'an Coy Mahn New Mutants Marvel Team-Up 100
Magik Illyana RasputinNew Mutants Magik 1Deceased
Warlock Warlock New MutantsNew Mutants 18 Deceased
Magma Amara Aquilla New Mutants, Hellions New Mutants 8
Hindsight Lad Carlton Lafroyge New Warriors New Warriors 37
Justice Vance Astro New WarriorsNew Warriors 43
Kymaera New Warriors Sub-Mariner 50
Night Thrasher Dwayne TaylorNew Warriors Thor 411
NovaRichard Rider New WarriorsROM 24
Powerhouse Alex Power New Warriors Power Pack 1
Scarlet Spider Ben ReillyNew Warriors Web of Spider-man 118Deceased
SilhouetteSilhouette Chord New Warriors New Warriors 2
Speedball Robbie Baldwin New WarriorsAmazing Spider-man Annual 22
TurboMickey Musashi or Michael JeffriesNew Warriors New Warriors 28
Darkhawk Chris PowellNew Warriors, AvengersDarkhawk 1
Rage Elvin HolidayNew Warriors, AvengersAvengers 326
Firestar Angelica Jones New Warriors, HellionsX-Men 193
Blade UnrevealedNightstalkers Tomb Of Dracula 10
Frank DrakeFrank Drake Nightstalkers Tomb of Dracula 1
Hannibal KingUnrevealed Nightstalkers Nightstalkers 1
Paladin Unrevealed Outlaws Daredevil 150
Prowler Hobie Brown Outlaws Amazing Spider-man 78
Rocket RacerUnrevealedOutlaws Amazing Spider-man 172
Aunt MayMay ParkerRelative Amazing Fantasy 15 Deceased
Cordelia FrostCordelia Frost Relative Generation X 3
Franklin Storm Franklin StormRelative Fantastic Four 32
Katherine Summers Katherine Summers Relative Uncanny X-Men 108
Mary Jane Mary Jane Watson-ParkerRelative Amazing Spider-man 42
Mary Storm Mary Storm Relative Fantastic Four 32
Mikhail Mikhail RasputinRelative Uncanny X-Men 285 Deceased
Nathaniel Richards Nathaniel RichardsRelative Fantastic Four 273
TucTucRelative Avengers 390
Uncle Ben Ben ParkerRelative
Amazing Fantasy 15
MandroidsMandroids S.H.I.E.L.D. Avengers 94
Nick FuryNick Fury S.H.I.E.L.D.Sgt. Fury and his Holwing Commandos 1
G.W. Bridge George Washington Bridge S.H.I.E.L.D., Weapon:Prime, Wildpack, Six-Pack X-Force 1
Moonstar Dani Moonstar S.H.I.E.L.D.,Mutant Liberation Front, New MutantsMarvel Grahic Novel 4
Empress Lilandra Lilandra NeramaniShi'ar Galaxy Uncanny X-Men 97
Grizzly Theodore Winchester Six-Pack, Wildpack, Weapon:Prime X-Force 8Deceased
Nighthawk Kyle Richmond Squadron Supreme Avengers 85
BinaryBinary Starjammers
Ch'odCh'od StarjammersUncanny X-Men 104
Christopher Summers StarjammersUncanny X-Men 104
Hepzibah HepzibahStarjammers Uncanny X-Men 107
Raza Raza StarjammersUncanny X-Men 107
Sikorsky SikorskyStarjammers Uncanny X-Men 156
Waldo Waldo StarjammersUncanny X-Men 107
Stick Unrevealed The ChasteDaredevil 176
Stone Unrevealed The ChasteDaredevil 187
Henry GyrichHenry Peter Gyrich U.S. Govern.Avengers 168
Judge Robert Chalmers Robert ChalmersU.S. Govern.Uncanny X-Men 56
Sen. Robert Kelly Robert KellyU.S. Govern. Uncanny X-Men 135

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