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Dawson's Creek

Dawson's Creek Gang

Hello all and welcome to my Dawson's Creek Page. I know that it is sure to be one of THE BEST shows there ever will be. If you found this site 'cause you are a Dawson's Creek fan be sure to also check out the rest of my site.
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DAWSON'S CREEK chronicles one boy's coming-of-age journey and his lifelong friendship with a girl from a vastly different home life. The vivid and absorbing relationship between Dawson, portrayed by 20-year-old James Van Der Beek and Joey, played by Katie Holmes, 18, is at the core of the series. Buddies since they were small children, the two are faced with the challenge of sustaining their close relationship in spite of their physical, emotional and intellectual growth and the changing world around them.

The Cast

Katie Holmes
James Van Der Beek
Joshua Jackson
Michelle Williams

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