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UFO Crashes

Above is a pic I took of something weird that came buzzing by my house.

Last Updated: 8/18/98

September 1862

Indian Ocean - Believed to be a hoax

An old Danish sailor told a reporter from the Houston Post that, as a mate on a Danish ship, he had been caught in a storm on the Indian Ocean. The ship was destroyed, but he and a few others managed to reach a small rocky island. While the storm raged on, the men witnessed a strange aircraft the size of a battleship with four huge wings crash into the side of a cliff. The men went to the crash site and found many strange "implements and articles of furniture" as well as some food. To their horror, they also found the bodies of over a dozen strangely dressed men. The men were reported as being huge, as much as twelve feet tall. The sight drove one man insane, and he jumped from the cliff. The others left the scene, but returned a few days later to dispose of the bodies. They then built a raft out of the craft and were rescued by a Russian ship three days later. The source of the story, a man only known as Oleson, claimed to have proof. He owned a ring of "immense size" that was made of "metals unknown to any jeweler who has seen it."

Early April 1897

Bethany, Missouri - Believed to be a hoax

An unidentified man wrote to a Missouri newspaper to report that he'd seen an airship strike a flagpole and crash. The bodies of the two pilots were so badly mangled that they couldn't be identified, but letters they carried suggested they were from San Francisco or Omaha.

April 9, 1897

Lanark, Illinois - Believed to be a hoax

Johann Fliegeltoub reported that an airship spun out of control during a blizzard and crashed on his farm. Two of the occupants were killed, but Fliegeltoub pulled one injured pilot, dressing "after the fashion of the Greeks in the time of Christ" from the wreckage. He then charged the curious a dollar a head to take a look. The creature reported that it was from Mars, and when his strength returned, he repaired his ship and flew away.

April 11, 1897

Pavilion, Michigan - Believed to be a hoax

An airship was reported to have exploded over Pavilion, raining small fragments onto a rooftop. A propeller blade, fused, made of some light material was also found.

Personal Comments: Airplanes weren't in use at this time, thus a propeller wouldn't exist on an aircraft at the time. If one did, that means someone created a successful aircraft more that six years before the Wright's.

Mid-April 1897

Humboldt, Tennessee - Believed to be a hoax

Sam McLeary claimed that he spotted the sole occupant of an airship that crashed into the woods near Forked Deer River. It was encased in a block of ice, probably, according to the newspaper, in the "pitiless cold" of the upper atmosphere.

Personal Comments: The atmosphere would not freeze something in a block of ice. Refrigeration was invented in the mid-1800's but not popularized until much later. How is the freezing of a body in a block of ice accounted for? Possibly a preservative state of other worldly creatures? Who knows?

April 15, 1897

Highland Station, Kansas - Believed to be a hoax

The occupant of an airship that crashed because of a chemical explosion was dragged from the wreckage, moaning. When he regained consciousness, he reported that his name was Pedro Sanchez and said he was from Cuba.

Personal Comments: Let it be considered that planes still weren't invented at this time. The only means of transportation was via hot air balloon, which would be one long trip from Cuba.

April 17, 1897

Aurora, Texas - Believed to be a hoax

According to legend a great airship appeared over Aurora at 6 A.M. It came in low, buzzed the town square, and then continued to the north until it hit a windmill on the ranch of Judge Proctor. The airship disintegrated into a cloud of metallic debris. Townspeople rushed to the scene and found the body of the dead pilot. T.J. Weems, identified as a Signal Corps officer, believed the pilot came from Mars. Searchers found several documents covered with strange writing. Although the newspaper claimed that it weighed several tons, all of the debris was recovered and removed by noon. The ship was made of aluminum and silver. Later the townspeople gave the body a Christian burial, and that was the end of it. Modern researchers have found several problems with this case. The original story was told by H.E. Hayden, a stringer for the Dallas Morning News. Hayden reportedly said later that he had concocted the story to put his hometown on the map. Even without this confession, other problems existed. T.J. Weems was not a member of the Signal Corps but was in fact a local blacksmith. In interviews conducted in the late 1960's, several residents of Aurora in 1897 claimed they knew nothing about the crash. Judge Proctor did own a ranch there, but had no windmill.

Personal Comments: Either this town was stupid, or something happened. Why didn't the town report the lie when they read the newspaper?

Also, there were nine reported UFO crashes in 1897, all in the month of April. Several of the crashes were reported on the same day. I find this highly unusual.

June 30, 1908

Tunguska, Siberia - Best answer today is a cometary impact

Spring 1941

Cape Girardeau, Missouri - Insufficient data

Charlette Mann said that her grandfather, a minister, received a phone call asking him to go to the scene of an aircraft accident. But it wasn't like any aircraft he'd ever seen. Although it was badly damaged, with debris scattered, there was enough intact that he got the impression of a circular craft. There were three bodies lying on the ground. He said some of the prayers over them and got a good look at them. They wore suits that covered them from head to foot and looked like wrinkled aluminum. They seemed to be no hair on the bodies and no ears. They were small, like children, but with large heads and long slender arms. They had large, oval-shaped eyes, no noses, and slits for mouths. A picture was taken showing one of the bodies, but the family lost it long ago.

July 9, 1946

Lake Barken, Sweden - Insufficient data

The witness watched an object with alternating blue and green lights come from the northeast and plunge into the lake about 110 yards away.

July 10, 1946

Bjorken, Sweden - Insufficient data

A number of people watched as a "projectile trailing luminous smoke" slammed into a beach, leaving a yard-wide shallow crater containing a slag-like material, some of it reduced to powder. A newspaper reporter found a cylinder about twenty or thirty meters in diameter. Military officials investigated, produced ambiguous results, and finally accused the witnesses of imagining things.

July 19, 1946

Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden - Insufficient data

Witnesses watched a gray rocket-shaped object with wings crash into the lake, sparking a three-week hunt for it by military authorities. Nothing was found. Nearly forty years later a Swedish UFO researcher, Clas Svahn, interviewed some of the civilian witnesses and military investigators. An air force officer speculated that the object might have been made of a lightweight material that could disintegrate easily. A civilian witness claimed she heard a "thunderclap" that might have been the object exploding.

The following is a preliminary list of UFO crashes throughout the world. Currently, little is known about most of these crashes. However, we are making an effort to post any information that we come across from newsgroups to eyewitness reports.

Most physical evidence of these crashes have been confiscated by the government; however, not all evidence is in their possession. In the past, the government's central archive of UFO wreckage was Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. It has been reported that most of the alien bodies have been sent to Great Britian for storage and examination.

1939-46 -- Spitzenbergen, NORWAY -- ?

4 July 1947 -- Roswell, NEW MEXICO -- 4 Bodies

13 Feb 1948 -- Aztec, NEW MEXICO -- 12 Bodies

7 July 1948 -- MEXICO So.of LAREDO TX -- 1 Body

1949 -- Roswell, NEW MEXICO -- 1 ET Living

1952 -- Spitzenbergen, NORWAY -- 2 Bodies

14 Aug 1952 -- Ely, NEVADA -- 16 Bodies

10 Sep 1950 -- Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO -- 3 Bodies

18 Apr 1953 -- S.W. ARIZONA -- No Bodies

20 May 1953 -- Kingman, ARIZONA -- 1 Body

19 June 1953 -- Laredo, TEXAS -- 4 Bodies

10 July 1953 -- Johofnisburg S.AFRICA -- 5 Bodies

13 Oct 1953 -- Dutton, MONTANA -- 4 Bodies

5 May 1955 -- Brighton, ENGLAND -- 4 Bodies

18 July 1957 -- Carlsbad, NEW MEXICO -- 4 Bodies

1961 -- Timmensdorfer, GERMANY -- 12 Bodies

12 June 1962 -- Holloman AFB, NEW MEXICO -- 2 Bodies

10 Nov 1964 -- Ft.Riley, KANSAS -- 9 Bodies

27 Oct 1966 -- N.W. ARIZONA -- 1 Body

1966-1968 -- 5 CRASHES IN/KY/OH AREA -- 3 Bodies -- Disk Intact

18 July 1972 -- MORROCO SAHARA DESERT -- 3 Bodies

10 July 1973 -- NW ARIZONA -- 5 Bodies

25 Aug 1974 -- CHIHUAHUA MEXICO -- ? Bodies -- Disk Intact

12 May 1976 -- AUSTRALIAN DESERT -- 4 Bodies

22 June 1977 -- NW ARIZONA -- 5 Bodies

5 Apr 1977 -- SW OHIO -- 11 Bodies

17 Aug 1977 -- TOBASCO MEXICO -- 2 Bodies

May 1978 -- BOLIVIA -- No Bodies

Nov 1988 -- AFGHANISTAN -- 7 Bodies

May 1989 -- SOUTH AFRICA -- 2 ET Living

June 1989 -- SOUTH AFRICA -- 2 ET -- Disk Intact

July 1989 -- SIBERIA -- 9 ET Living

2 Sept 1990 -- Megas Platanos, GREECE -- ?

Nov 1992 -- Long Island NY, NEW YORK -- ?

Most of the crashes listed were identified in the Summer 1980 issue of THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL on page 54. As we come across references to other crashes, we are including them in this list with the hope of one day confirming or disconfirming them.

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