Jane Jensen Archives

This list contains various articles, interveiws, reviews, and whatever else I could find on the net concerning Jane. If you have anything I'm missing, such as local news paper or magazine articles, reviews, and so on, please e-mail me and I'll add them to the list. Thanks and Enjoy!

GI Jane (gorgeously intelligent) Jensen - Article from O.D. Mag

Jensen Spins Perfect Pop Music

Teeny Stomper - Article from Spin magazine

Interview with Jane - From Chaos Control

Article from Lollipop Magazine Online

Jane Jensen: Techno pop-diva - Article from the Daily Illini, 5/01/97

Review of Comic Book Whore - Another Daily Illini Article, 3/07/97

Another Review of Comic Book Whore - From the Renegade Newsletter

Another review - From Opus Focus

Yet another review - From GZ

Frock Stars - A short segement from Spin magazine

Meet Jane Jensen - An interview from Lollipop.com

Tromeo & Juliet Archives
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