Jane Jensen's Bio

Your driving down a highway, let's call it Highway 90, and you find yourself hypnotized by the road, its curves and bends, its hills and valleys. Suddenly something odd grabs your attention, perhaps a tree bent askew or a dead animal on the side of the road. You momentarily react and then are lulled back into your comfort zone..until something else catches your eye.

Jane Jensen's CD, Comic Book Whore, is the sonic equivalent of this drive-a combination of industrial rhythms and ethereal, sensual vocals. You can lose yourself in its driving grooves until something, a lyric or beat, jolts you out of your zone.

Jensen moved to Chicago in 1990 where she teamed up with two members from Die Warzau to form Oxygine 23. The band released a full length CD of Fifth Column records and several other songs on Invisible and Dragonya compilations. Eventually, she relocated to New York City, gained the attention of Flip Records and released her debut solo album Comic Book Whore, produced by Craig Kafton.

Jensen's songs range from surrealistic inner monologues to coquettish tunes of love lost and desired. The first radio single, "More Than I Can" considers the manifestations of domestic psychodrama and muted aggression.

Jensen covers the gamut of emotions-from the whimsical "Clumsy" to the notions of escapism in "Blank Sugar". "I like to read authors like Kathy Acker, things that sort of meander and are uncalculated-stream of consciousness stuff. Acker takes different texts, things that have already been written and weaves them with her own writing-so it's kind of like the equivalent of sampling in music."

So, as you pop the CD into your stereo, remember to buckle up-you are about to take a strange trip with Jane Jensen! --interscope records