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Welcome to the Ultimate Jackie Chan Trivia Page

JACKIE TRIVIA! #1. What name was Jackie born under, and what is his birthdate? #2. What is the name of the Head Master at the Peking Opera School Jackie attended? #3. What is the name of the very first film Jackie ever appeared in? #4. Name four members of The Seven Little Fortunes Performing Troupe other than Jackie. #5. What two films did Jimmy Wang Yu ask Jackie to appear in for favors? #6. What was the first film Jackie made in the " Kung Fu comedy " genre? #7. In the Chan produced film " Actress, " who plays Ruan Ling Yu? #8. In "Twin Dragons, " who played the back of Jackie's head when one twin faced the camera, and the other didn't? #9. In what five films do Jackie's character die? #10. In " Police Story, " what is the name of the cop that betrays Jackie? #11. Jackie says that Steven Spielberg " ripped off " him in a way. How is this true? #12. On what movie did the " Three Brothers " have a falling-out? #13. How did Jackie break his foot during the filming of " Rumble in the Bronx, and how did he complete the movie? #13. Who played Jackie's teacher in " Drunken Master? " #14. In " Drunken Master II, " why is it strange that the actor Ti Lung plays Jackie's father? #15. Who played Jackie's partner in " Crime Story? " #16. In which of Jackie's movies does the video game " Street Fighter " play a role? #17. What car company does Jackie work for in " Thuderbolt? " PLEASE E-MAIL ME FOR ANSWERS AT DRNKNMSTR4@AOL.COM Please excuse the crudity of this page so far, for I have not had time to upload images, etc. onto the page, but come back soon!

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