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Welcome to My Saxophone Page!!!

One of my favorite hobbies is listening to and expressing myself through music.  I began playing the piano at the early age of 4 and won my first major competition at the age of eight.  By the age of eleven I was competing in Texas state and national competitions empowered by music from the masters: Mozart, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff.   However upon entering middle school I found a new instrument to use for expression.   The Alto Saxophone.  I immediately fell in love with the deep notes and incredible tone of the saxophone and especially with the simple finger configuration and sexy looks. 

When I turned 14, I began working with Mr. Stephen Raatz,  a teacher at Seoul Foreign School to polish up different techniques and styles of music.   Mr. Raatz has a PhD. in Music Theory and is a reknowned performer of Jazz and Blues.  At the age of 15, I was sponsered by three different companies to perform both in Korea and abroad.  Korean Airlines, (????), provided me with free plane tickets around the world.  In turn, upon promotion to the leadership of the Seoul Foreign Travelling Concert and Jazz bands I also gained sponsorships from many reknowned instrument companies such as Lavatt and Selmer.  At age 16 I took control of the Moonlight Express and the Seoul National Band, which enjoyed the rewards of travelling and performing in Taiwan, Japan, the Phillipines, and Hawaii.  Within Korea we were invited to perform at respected hotels such as the Grand Hyatt, Swiss Grand Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Shilla Hotel Seoul, and Hyatt Hotel in Cheju Do to name a few. 

Because the saxophone is a instrument with a tone created for blues and jazz I was not fully aware of the instruments potential in other areas of music.   However in 1991 I was recruited into the Seoul National Band, the largest performing band in Korea.  As the section leader I brought in several of my peers into the organization and began working on incorporating my section into the flow of the group.  Though the pay was small the personal rewards were extremely satisfying.   I was recognized by National Music Foundation as a music scholar and was given the opportunity to enter Seoul Arts School in pyongchang dong at any time.  Though I never ended up pursuing my musical career, it has always been good to know that I had developed a strong cultural aspect in my life...

Upon matriculation into Lafayette College I joined the Lafayette Jazz Band, where my saxophone career came to an abrupt halt.  Several quarels with the conductor and the Trumpet section, turned me to the decision to resign.  Though I do not play on a regular basis, I still enjoy picking up the sax and wailing all night......

My main area of expertise lies in performing and composing jazz on the Alto Saxophone, but I also play all forms of the saxophone such as the Baritone, Tenor, Soprano, and Sopranino sax's. 

I hope to be able to put up some wave files of my music as well as the Copyrighted Music Sheets which I composed as soon as I get the tools and memory available...

My favorite Saxophonists:

Dave Koz
Kenny G
Washington Grover Jr.


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