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Colonel Wilhelm Klink

Klink tries hard, very hard, too hard. He isn't exactly the prime example of what the Germans want their officers to be like, although Klink feels that he is. He has no idea that there is an entire network of tunnels running right underneath his feet, that the 'prisoners' have escaped several times, and that they have an entire communications department. Klink tries to be the best that he can be, which usually turns out to be the worst, so Hogan is sure to give him a helping hand, when he doesn't have a handful of Klink's cigars, that is! When Hogan and Klink start talking, it's not too hard to see that the senior officer prisoner is really in charge!


"General Burkhalter, what an unexpected surprise!"
"Schultz (insert command of your choice here) or else it will be the Russian front!"
" . . .30 days in the cooooler!" Thanks goes to Gary for this quote and the 2 above it!
"There has never been an escape from Stalag 13!"
"Schultz, Hogan is your prisoner, and see that it stays that way!!"
"But even now, my career gone, my life hanging by a thread, I don't hate you. Perhaps if we had met in another place and time, we might even have become friends."
"Hogan...are you a spy?" Thanks for these 2 quotes, Karen!

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