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E. F. Yeager Garden Studios
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"It's here! It's beautiful!"
Robyn Griggs-Lawrence, Editor, "The Herb Companion" Magazine

"People who are interested in cooking or people with strong ties to their ethnic heritages may be interested in Ms. Yeager's work... Her art carries deep into the human spirit."
Murrysville Area Star

"She does wonderful prints.   They are very special.   They're the kind of things you want to have in your house."
Eileen Kopelman, President, Penn Art Association--Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Eileen Yeager - Printmaker
        Eileen's search for the sparkle in life is the focus of her work. She seeks that quiet moment when Nature seems to breathe fresh life into us, renewing the spirit. Like a fond memory, her work has the shimmering quality of a light breeze and the warm glow of good feelings.

        She and her photographer husband Ron travel extensively, recording their experiences, sharing their "eye"--what they each find unique, beautiful, memorable, touching or thought provoking.   These trips "into the woods"--to discover, to record an adventure, to share a journey, to create a memory--set the background for her artwork.

        Her etchings, aquatints and nature prints allow her to capture much of the detail in Nature, while her monotypes give her the freedom to explore color, shape, texture and movement--the abstract qualities of a piece of art. Back in the studio her sketches and photos are transformed into etchings and original prints in a style which sets her work apart. While no stranger to realism, she is not afraid to venture into the creative when it comes to rendering image to paper--several of her more imaginative works have been compared to those of the great illusionist M.C. Escher.

Printmaker Eileen Yeager and Her Photographer Husband Ron         Since 1994, in response to the many requests from patrons of her floral works, she has been creating original prints focusing on herbs: specifically, nationality and ethnic groupings of culinary herbs. Her background research and subsequent findings are the subject of "A World of Herbs," a presentation she has given to Garden and Herb groups to significant acclaim--the Herb Society of America invited her to speak at their 1999 National Meeting in Toronto, Canada.

        She has taught printmaking at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts since 1994, and presents workshops in matting and framing at The Art League in Alexandria, VA. She also gives Demonstrations and Lectures on Printmaking to interested art groups. Her work is currently exhibited at a number of galleries and shops, and at many of the fine art shows, festivals, and juried events in the Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic area.

        Eileen is a member of the Pittsburgh Print Group, the Pittsburgh Society of Artists and the Penn Art Association in Pittsburgh, PA, and The Art League in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. She has trained at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts; the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC; Discover Graphics Studio in Alexandria, VA; and the Free School and the Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO.

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