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E. F. Yeager Garden Studios
Email Pittsburgh, PA               Toll Free (888) 283-5155 PayPal

Eileen Yeager - Printmaker WELCOME!   I'm Eileen F. Yeager, an artist focusing on horticultural Printmaking.   I am now featuring my Wine Grape series, original images of the 12 most popular wine grapes in the world.   While much of my work has been on Nationality and Ethnic Culinary Herbs, I also feature a broad spectrum of Floral Works.   My ventures into my imagination (My Secret Garden and Landscapes) round out my work til now.   I invite you to tour my "gardens."   Like any gardens, mine are constant works in progress, so any comments or questions you may have would be greatly appreciated. And remember:
for a mere pittance any of my works may be yours!

"I love them!   They're more beautiful than they look on the computer or the Herb Companion magazine. I'm sure you'll have more business from me"---Nina F., La Jolla, CA

Coming soon

"Three Rivers Arts Festival"
June 10 - 14, 2015
Click here to see images that will appear in the show!
Wednesday thru Sunday, 12 to 8 pm daily,
Booth 83, near Penn Avenue, at the corner of Gateway Two
or call me, 412-491-1192 for additional information.

"Basic Matting and Framing" Workshop

No prior experience necessary
Western Pennsylvania
July/August 2015
Dates To Be Announced

"Basic Matting and Framing" Workshop

No prior experience necessary
DC Area
The Art League - Alexandria, VA
June 20 & 21, 2015
September, 2015
Saturday & Sunday
10am - 4pm

"Wood Frame Cutting & Joining" Workshop

No prior experience necessary
DC Area
The Art League - Alexandria, VA
June 19, 2015
10am - 4pm

"Creative Matting & Mounting" Workshop

No prior experience necessary
DC Area
The Art League - Alexandria, VA
September, 2015
10am - 4pm

Email or call me if you want to be on my list of potential students for future classes. or 1(724)327-7739 or toll-free 1(888)283-5155

My Newest Endeavor
(Hint: Think "Layers")

Spring Awakening
SpringAwakeningF Printmaking: Original Print

Anticipation I
Spring - Flowers, Fields & Herbs
(Click to see images you will find in the show!)
Matting & Framing
Speaking Engagements
LoveIsSweeping-D - Original Print
Where Romance Begins
E_R_Booth Printmaker Eileen Yeager and Her Photographer Husband Ron
Festivals, Galleries
Fine Art Exhibitions

IndianSummer2 Original Print: Monotype
Nature Printing
Impressions of Mother Nature
CabernetSauvignon thru Zinfandel - Original Prints: Monotypes
My Vineyard
Wine Grapes of the World,
Cab to Zin
SpringCelebration-D - Original Print: Monotype
Seen Scenes,
Real and Surreal

ChiliPowder - Original Print
Herb Mixtures
Cafe Internationale to
Sri Lankan Curry Powder
BasilGreen - Etching
Individual Herbs
Allspice to Watercress
64 Herb Etchings
GreekBq105a - Original Print
Nationality Gardens
Africa to Wales
45 Original Prints

FrenchProvencal-D - Original Print
Quilt Garden
Something Different
in Quilts
TulipYellow - Original Print
Flower Gardens
Aster to Wild Rose
Etching, Aquatint and More
John Blair House in Colonial Williamsburg KGCoWmbgVAF - Original Print
Herb Theme Gardens
Herb Gardens with
a Touch of History
Eleven-of-Twelve-D Original Print: Monotype
My Secret Garden
Where My Imagination
Goes to Play
BirthofJazzF Original Print: Monotype
Dance Music
Artistic Musical Interpretations


Matting and Framing Workshops that pay for themselves!
Are they for you?   Check them out.

How does she DO that?!
An eye-opening primer on Printmaking and Original Prints.


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Floral Art
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Spring Garden       Summer Garden       Autumn Garden       Winter Garden
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Special Galleries
Wine Grapes of the World       Notecards and Reproductions      Nature Printing       Landscapes       Hearts       My Secret Garden       Dance Music      

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Thank you for visiting with me......Eileen

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