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Info on the most kick ass band around PA

Welcome to the home of coolest band in PA. Yes I know that this page doesn't have much at the moment but hey give us time were working on it. Mean while, here is some info on them:

Harpo started in the late 70s-early 80s playin clubs in northeastern pennsylvania, now they play everywhere in pa plus a few clubs in New York. They play cover songs from such bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Ratt, Dio Jackyl, Ozzy, Led Zeppelin, Kingdom Come, and many more. They have 6 albums out, 3 of which can be purchased by calling their hotline number. You can also call and request their music on radio stations in Pa such as Wxlv 90.3-610-799-1145, 97.9 The Bear at 1-800 711-2327, Wzzo 95.1 at 610-720-9595. The first cd titled "Too Much Is Just Enough" containing such hits as Too much is just enough, Ignitor, Hearts Cold, And Gas House Alley Rock, Has been in circulation since the early 80's. They took hits from their previously released cd's entitled "Harpo" and "Armed To Deliver" and rereleased it in 1992 as "Too Much Is Just Enough". Their second cd entitled "Smokin Guns" was released in 1996 and contains hits such as Gotta keep runnin, Evil breeds evil, Chain reaction. And the third cd entitled "Harpo Live, Go Heavy or Go Home" was just recently released in December of 1997. It contains live hits from their previously released cds plus 4 new hits. If you would more information on purchasing merchandise, or a listing of live Harpo shows, you can call the hotline number at 717-286-2378. If you have any questions or comments you can send email to Harporocks@ Please fill out the info on the page for sound clips of harpo songs. Thanx for visiting my Harpo webpage, dont be a stranger. :)

Ok enough freakin words lets check out the band, click on the pictures to see the members of the band close up!


Fill Out the information and get a sample of just some of the songs. and if you like them then you can oder the cd!

Pick one at a time thank you:

Gas house
Hearts Cold
Too Much
Tuff Love
Tumblin down

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