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A Home Page of Harley's, Environmental, Health, and Safety Issues, and a little bit extra!

Last Updated September 13, 1999

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"The World of Harley Davidson's"

Picture of the fairing the tank was also painted.
Other modifications include:

As my career, I am an Environmental, Health and Safety Technician at the NorCon Cogeneration Plant, located in North East, Erie County, Pa.

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"The World of Safety, Health, and the Environment"

Family Times(that means us!)
"About my family"
David and Daniels Page
"Kids Stuff"

Of course you HAVE to also check out my Sister Kitty's and Bro-in-law Dick's Homepage who along with my father "Goody" 1933-1998 were the ones that got me into all this computer stuff. My life can get very busy for only 24 hours a day. So in-between trying to get free jellybean's, and looking at new places to ride my Harley, I might finally land miss wonderful who can put up with me! I really could use an extra 4-5 hours a day! And of course, everything I do usually includes the two best boys in this great country. And of course that would be Dave and Dan my two boys!

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