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BLAHThose with heart conditions and/or any other medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, or the tendency to spontaneously combust during moments of extreme excitement, should not enter. By the way, down here at the Super Funky 90's Electronic Frontier of the New Millenium inc., more well-known as the SFNEFOTNMI, were thinking about something but we forgot. I know, I know, you might say to yourself, haven't I entered. I mean I'm at the page so haven't I entered. Well, we SFNEFOTNMIers would proudly like to say that if you honest-to-God, think you have entered, we suggest you go to every page on this site and every part of this site, even if you have the slightest tendency to spontaneously combust, because we SFNEFTOTNMIers are not only trying to provide you with quality, family entertainment, but to create an environment for our visitors, as well. We didn't say what kind of environment. Thank you for your time! and money....oh shit we weren't supposed to say that! A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do which is WOMEN!!!

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New 10 list!!! Phrase of the week. Also a MAD LIB written by Da great Kaplioni and you can use it at MAD LIB GOES TO THE FORESTAt Steve's South Park Planet you can explore south park in the South Park adventure story.
JuiceBLAH (Juice)I have had it with this web page and am leaving the Super Funky 90's page team. That is it, I am to lazy to work on this so it will be just Toff and Kapy. Of course then again Toff hasn't updated in god knows how long! So Phrase of the week will still run I'm leaving it in Kapy's hands, oh wait! He already took it! Oh well, I hope that you have enjoyed visiting us here and I hope you still do but I won't because I will have nothing to do with the page. Now I know what you are thinking and that is that, the page is under my registration. I changed my Screen Name that changes enough for me. Good day and if you want a realy web page, don't visit this one!
Da Kapy (Steve):
Go to the new and improved Steve's South Park Planet which now has a brand new layout and a new feature which is the Adventure page. You can go through the town of South Park and see what everyone is doing!
ALL: All meaning Steve I mean me I mean "we". Yes, I am writing this but the three of us will be making a Movie Review page called Hollywood Comes Home and Gets a Cap Busted in its Ass. Here's are general grading system meaning that there will be a comedy, action, drama, and horror grading systems "X" for sucks- badly written, horrible acting, uninteresting plot, didn't make much sense at times "XX" for poor- better written then "X" but not good, ok acting, interesting plot at sometimes, and it made sense basically "XXX" for OK- well-written, well-acted, interesting plot, and easy-to-follow "XXXX" for good- everything as "XXX" but a little better on everything "XXXXX" for classic- You aren't going to see any movies recently get five stars well in this case X's. Five-Xed movies are movies like the Godfather or Casablanca so look for movies from X-XXXX Click here to go to the Hollywood Comes Home and Gets a Cap Busted in its Ass I put all the extra links into one page so our link bar wouldn't be so crowded and I made a mad lib thing which I already told you about! We now have a new AOL chat room!! Only for AOL members but if you go to My South Park Planet, I have a chat. I GOT A NEW SOUTH PARK CHAT! FINALLY, you won't have too type in a lot of crap all you need is a handle and password and you go to a much better private chat! Also I might be making mad libs for my south park page too! I will only make them if people want them so click here
Mushy Tushy (Jason): The main page should load much quicker now because I have uploaded all of our pics and have made them our own. I have also bought a scanner (like juice) and will be posting up pictures that I have scanned(I will also post GOO pictures).
Every day (or so) I will post a new GOO picture. If you e-mail me and request a certain picture, I will send it to ya via mail(none of the pictures are supposed to make fun of anyone)

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This page is a combonation of The Mushy Tushy, Kapy, and The Gumblah pages.
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