Christian Vs Unbeliever Discussion Group

As a Christian, are you disgusted seeing the anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Jesus Christ, pro-atheist, pro-gay, pro-evolution websites and email lists?

Have you had enough of the born again Christian bashing that goes on on these supposedly "enlightened" web sites and email lists?

Are you a born again, Bible believing Christian who is weary of being attacked by anti Christian unbelievers on the net? Do you often feel frustrated by restrictions placed on you on other lists?

Christians will have the opportunity here to both be aggressive and to also defend Christianity and the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the use of apologetics and a good knowledge of the Bible! Newer, less experienced Christians may learn how to overcome the arguments used by unbelievers to try and debunk the Word of God.

On the other hand, unbelievers are also welcome and invited to join.

Many unbelievers are weary of the constant Christian claims that "Christ is the answer" and that you need to be "saved" or "born again". In addition, they demand extrabiblical, eyewitness, historical proof that Jesus Christ actually existed and that the Bible is actually the word of "God".

The moderator falls into the 'unbeliever' category. Pretty much anything goes on this list other than name calling, flaming and unacceptable language.

Discussions that Jesus Christ did or did not exist, that the Bible is errant or inerrant, whether evolution is or is not proven, are a few of the topics to be discussed.

Discussions on whether being saved is simply an emotion and unfounded belief or a real, life transforming experience will be very appropriate.

The floor is open and nobody gets kicked off for voicing his/her belief or non-belief. If you think you have a good argument for you position, let's hear it!

No flaming and no profanity. Please don't advertise another list on this list without getting an OK from the moderator first.

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April 1, 2002

Created 4-1-2002
Revised 8-17-2002