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Y2K:The year 2000 problem!

It came, it went...but only for a while.

First the year 2000 isn't really the start of the 21st century and the new millennium. Look for more hype on December 31, 2000/January 1, 2001.

Then there's these, too:
Look for March 12, 2000 to be hyped up for astrological reasons.
The "Jewish Jubilee Year", according to "prophet" Ola Ilori, is running now. Expect disaster anytime from now to April 4, 2000.
May 5,2000 is a planetary alignment day. The computers may not crash but everything else will.
Marilyn Agee expects "the tribulation" on June 10, 2000.
September 21 and 29 are meaningful to some because of the Jewish holy day of Rosh Hashanah.

And, of course, 2033 will mark 2000 years since the Jesus myths' hero died and was resurrected, look for big trouble. Unless the calendar is off by four or more years in which case 2029, or even before, will be the big bi-millenial year.

It won't go away!

Last update: 8/1/00.