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My first knowledge of process theology and process philosophy was from a conversation with my brother. I tried to read Teilhard De Chardin (recommended to me as a theologian and process philosopher) but was hopelessly bored. While Chardin's Omega Point, and the process of getting there, appealed to me, I don't have the patience to slog hip deep in academic jargon.

From my little reading, it seems the idea is not just evolving, but a goal directed evolving. God and man in process of knowing each other. It's a wonderful idea, that is to say, an idea that promotes wonder. Beyond how good it feels it doesn't have meaning apart from a belief in an end point and a personal entity to get there.

It appears to me, from minimal contact, that people who pursue god in physics (quantum spirituality) have embraced this idea of process.

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Last update: 12/28/00