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These are syllogisms supporting the god idea I have received by e-mail in arguments:

Machines are created by conscious beings.
The universe functions intricately, like a machine.
Therefore, the universe was created by a conscious being.

The proper conclusion is: Therefore, the universe functions intricately like a conscious being's machine.

It is possible to imagine a perfect being.
It is more perfect to exist than not to exist.
Therefore, a perfect being must exist (in order to be perfect).

First, I doubt a perfect being can be imagined; and secondly, I don't know that existing is more perfect than not existing.

These two were sent together and should be taken together as evidence:

Something now is.
Something cannot come from nothing.
Therefore something always was.

Something conscious now is.
Something conscious cannot come from the non-conscious.
Therefore something conscious always was.

The first argument seems to suggest the writer considers modern cosmology to be folk lore instead of considered science. The big bang does not represent the boundary between something and nothing. In this, that is, in the modern view, the uncreated first cause isn't a conscious god, it is a soup of boring sameness. Yes, something always was.

Consciousness not coming from something non-conscious has not been shown, the opposite has been theorized over. See links maintained on my page and book selections for information.