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I've removed the address from this sender's question. The sender is in bold type, my response in regular type. No other question came from the sender after two days, so I think the conversation is over.

"Any criticism I consider valid will be included in my presentation.
Is this a stacked deck?

I've included a blurb from two people (who contacted each other) to me that concerned the historicity of jesus as christ in a section titled "an objection". The first of the two sent three e-mails total and the second sent over a dozen. I've included the meat of the exchange, but it quickly deteriorated into a barrage of "jesus is christs" without anything like an answer to my reply to their historicity argument.

Within the mailbag file "what the critics are saying" are several other criticisms or replies to my questions.

My write up on the shroud of turin and the last sentence in "the basis" were changed to reflect what I thought were valid criticisms from readers, both invited and those who wondered in.

Yes it is a stacked deck in that it is my page. I think I can be fair, or at least relatively fair, in presenting mails and changing wording, and the evidence is the page itself.

Do you have a criticism of what i've written?