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I've seen arguments that genes are proof of god, by virtue of the information that they carry. They are not just a way to make organisms, they are the touch and encoding of god. The argument I am trying to make here, that spirits might be a technic, is meant as a partial rebuttal via the reductio ad absurdum as far as I understand the techiques of debate.

If natural occuring organisms are built by information encoded by god, then, these spirits might be god-encoded too. Writing as a technician, if spirits are god-encoded then they might be seen as energy beams with a code modulated on them. To envision spirits as time-invariant physical objects, as opposed to "energy beams", or to propose spirits be machines (like genes, capable of self repair and change) feels too mechanistic and predetermined for what we can say about human personalities.

Either change the frequency, the amplitude, or the phase (against a clock) of the "spirit broadcast" I am discussing. The broadcast must be tuned in to specific individuals, or it must be beamed directly to each individual. If beamed direct, that would indicate fore-knowledge of the location of each individual, which appears to blow free-will out of the water (if the antennae aimer knows where you will be, his act of beam aiming defies free-will, if you excercise free will, you leave the beam and die). On the other hand, if the broadcast must be tuned in, each individual must have a specific frequency, or a code prefix, meaning each individual must be tuned in to himself, or have some spiritware to accept the information that follows the proper code prefix. If this is so, then psychological troubles must be the result of over-modulation on the part of the broadcast antennae operator, or badly written code for the spiritware. I can see no other explanation for psychological problems then this, if one takes the spirits are tecnics route (especially when coupled with the idea that spirits are consciousness). Is god a mere technician, coding information on physical genes and energetic quanta of spirit-stuff? Is this perfect god unable to assure his codeing is tamper proof and correctly broadcast?

If discussing spirits as a technology or as an information bearing signal appears assinine to you, frankly, ditto. And ditto to the idea of discussing genes as the information bearing creation of a superspirit.

Perhaps I'm wrong...whyso? If you want to disagree, please be specific, offer a better way of thinking about god's technology; explain why these energy waves are undetectable by physical instrument, i.e. man-made instruments, but are detectable by other physical objects, i.e. human bodies. Or give up the god-technology idea that the "gene as information" idea is. I'll also be glad to accept critique of my word-smithing generally.