really good news:a quote from soren kierkegaard
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An acquaintance who reviewed and critiqued this page for me mentioned a thought from Soren Kierkegaard:
Accept that spirituality cannot be proven, that it is a matter of faith, that embracing that unproveable faith is absurd. Have the courage to be absurd.

I have not read, and probably don't have the patience to comprehend, the complete works of Kierkegaard. But my reviewer does. He suggested I change the wording from the original "nonsense" to "absurd".

A pair of relevant quotes:

Referring to belief in god, Kierkegaard wrote:

"...there is here a certainty, namely, that objectively it is absurd; and this absurdity, held fast in the passion of inwardness, is faith."

Kierkegaard, regarding faith, wrote:

"Faith has in fact two tasks: to take care in every moment to discover the improbable, the paradox; and then to hold it fast with the passion of inwardness."

Both quotes from:

Concluding Unscientific Postscript
-Soren Kierkegaard
David Swenson and Walter Lowrie, translators.

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