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The original version of this page, prior to January 5, 2000, was somewhat different. The changes make a more factually accurate page and a more careful argument.

The second paragraph read in part: "Immediately, Shroud-believers had to come up with a scientific sounding explanation. One answer was to talk about an "organic varnish" covering the fibres. This altered the carbon date the true-believer said." This would mean that all Shroud related research was being carried out by "true believers" and that the varnish was made-up and/or would not impact the carbon date.

This was not correct.

Also, there was a heading over what is now the fourth paragraph: "Shroud Apologetics". While this may have been appropriate, strictly speaking, as a heading to the section it precedes, it is an emotion-charged phrase.

I was wrong, and I've corrected the problem.