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Mail sent to me:

i red your article "very short and inconclusive" about truth, what I would like to ask you is: How can you deny the existence of some form of higher Consciousness other than humans?
I am a scientist as the matter of fact my field of study is Exobiology. the more you study the mystery of nature the more you realize that there must be some thing Bigger than what we perceive as reality. Is it in form of Super force dubbed God or is it in a form That we can not even imagine. 400 billion stars exist in our galaxy alone, think about the complexity of their rhythm or their simplicity, only one word could explain it majestic.
I would like to hear from you.

My response:

Excuse my confusion, but...
"Very short and inconclusive" is not the title of my page, or either of its parts. Is this your comment on my page ?
I've attempted to narrow spirituality to its common elements. Do you agree with me that all spiritual movements demand 1)a spirit; soul; or monad, be mystically linked to, or animate, humans and, in some forms of spirituality, other living creatures, and, again in some forms of spirituality, all matter, and 2) a super-spirit, aka god(s) reign over, or at least start, the whole kit-and-kaboodle ?
Why do you, if you do, believe you have a soul, spirit, or monad ? Why is a god a necessity ? Why is god necessary when modern cosmology can theorize a way to start the whole kit-and-kaboodle without a spiritual entity ? If a proposition cannot be proven now, just theorized over, is it necessarily not the case that the theorizing reflects reality ? This last question cuts both ways, ie, theism and atheism can both be supported by this question. The point I would like to make is: a person who rejects god(s) is not crazy for doing so, as plenty of theory supports the aspiritualist view, AND, spirituality is supported only by faith promoting rumor and the willingness to believe those rumors.
Lastly, how do you study exobiology without actually leaving the planet ? Pardon my incredulity, but, I am incredulous.