Letter received 9/18/2000 in bold, my response in regular type.

I think I stumbled upon your page while searching for apologetics. You write well. I'd be interested in seeing your analysis of the Bible itself and the proof or lack of proof supporting the biological cause of homosexuality.
I'll keep an eye out.

I really didn't plan on analyzing the Bible. I read the book and saw the movies but consider it to be folklore. I guess that would be my analysis, and that is hardly worth the HTML to write or linking to my page. If I had an analysis of the Bible I wouldn't feel right posting it without a similar analysis of other scriptures. I'm more than ready to admit my limits on analysis of individual scriptures, it's the base on which the idea of scripture is built that I want to attack.

As for homosexuality, I never thought it needed a justification. The biological evidence seems shaky for now; the genetic basis, last I read, was overblown...bad statistical methodology or some such thing.

I guess I never really thought about it. Would you care to exchange ideas on this topic? Perhaps someone who is homosexual would be more conversant.

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