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Edmund Burke, the philosophical father of conservatism, thought conserving old values conserved society. He reasoned the development of society was a slow process and that process should not be sped. Burke was not against change. Change to society should be thought out before enacting. Ditto.

Rush Limbaugh is not against change. He is for preserving (U.S.) American society's values, thinking about the results of changes, and returning (U.S.) American society to more stable values. Ditto.

As an atheist, I do not see value to the various forms of spirituality. As an atheist I see value in conserving old working values and in thinking about the results changes will and have wrought. Except for the god-idea, I'm a Ditto head.

Now, Rush has been on the air a while, and his current show for 10, 11 years now. Rather than harping on one thing, his show has broached many topics. So, if one or two books can be written to show Rush is wrong...what's that compared to his long career?

I'm a conservative, I'm not against political changes, I'm not reactionary (IM.LT.HO), and I am a Ditto head.

Live with it.