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Confused by the jargon of born-of-the-spirit Christians? How do they define themselves? See:
"The Warring Visions of the Religious Right" in Atlantic Monthly, November 1995, pp.59-69.

Brill's Content for September, 2000 has an article on demonic possession in the popular media. See pages 86 - 91 and 140 for "Exorcising the Exorcist" about the events that inspired the book, the movie, and the forthcoming movie "Possessed".

"Confessions of a Lonely Atheist" by Natalie Angier is in New York Times Magazine for January 14, 2001 pages 34-38.

"The Scholars and the Goddess" by Charlotte Allen is in Atlantic Monthly for January 2001 pages 18-20, and 22. Discusses the history of the Goddess culture and Wiccan spirituality. Last update: 5/18/01.