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This quote is a combination made from two volumes of Joseph Campbell's Masks of God series. Pagination comes from Penguin Arkana's 1991 paperback edition.

The first segment comes from page 125 of The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology:
Does it not, then, appear that we are dealing with the laws rather of myth, fairy tale, and legend than of any order of fact yet substantiated for either natural or human history?

The second segment comes from page 124 of the same volume:
It is difficult to imagine how tales such as these could have been read even centuries ago as chronicles of fact, in "the full daylight of historical times"; but today the difficulty is even compounded, for we have found that the people called Philistines first arived on the shores of Palestine from Crete only in the year 1196 B.C., which, as we immediately perceive, carries the history of this remarkable family from Ur through a span of centuries that not even the lengths of life attributed to Abraham and his son suffice to explain.

I have joined the two in reversed order for readability and have removed most of the sentence of the second segment because most of the sentence is too specific and I want a general statement on mythology.

The third segment comes from page 251 of The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology:
And their basic tools were everywhere the same: the old ritual lore, inherited from the hieratic past, with its concept of a hidden harmony and equivalence uniting the microcosm and the macrocosm and of a consequent resonance conducive to magical effects.

I've lifted this sentence from a discussion of the new spirituality developed in the cities of ancient India from the even more ancient rural spirituality.

The three segments are related in discussing ritual systems and history and come together nicely.