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Traditionally, linguistics has traced human language families back about 5000 years. The Noahic Flood, and subsequest scattering at Babel were perceived as super-natural blocks. In Origin of Language, Merritt Ruhlen discusses the methods of linguistics and applies them to a search for the mother-tongue. Dr. Ruhlen diagrams the language families and their time-lines and divergences. Conclusions are supported by Cavalli-Sforza's genetic "clock" study of divergence of populations.

Linguistics supports genetics, and vice versa. Provides support for other genetic clock research and points out that traditional explanations are based on folk lore, not good sense.

For information on Noah's Ark, see:
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For quick information on Cavalli-Sforza, see: Time 1/16/95 p.54

For another example of the genetic clock in action, see: Nature, vol. 347, pp.550-553
as quoted in Talk.Origins file:"Evidence for Evolution: An Eclectic Survey"
Facts on File World News Digest article #198704078

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