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Go to the Talk.Origins Archive FAQ for an extensive list of common questions and answers about evolution, biology, and science. The listing this link points toward is in a question and answer form. Scroll down through it and you'll find links to FAQs maintained by professional biologists on many topics.

A great place to browse, dozens of files.

Of particular interest to this argument, however, are these files: Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Transitional Vertebrate Fossils. You may be surprised by the length of these files and their extensive bibliographies if you've believed the standard creationist line about how the theory of evolution is supported by a very few questionable fossils.

Try Paul Davies' The Fifth Miracle for a readable explanation of life's possible origins in deep earth, deep ocean, or deep space. Explanations of entropy and information content. Not an easy book to put down.

See also "Milky Way's Sweet Centre" on page 12 of New Scientist for June 24, 2000. It appears the deep space origin for DNA has a little more weight now. The next time a creationist laughs about the "panspermia" hypothesis for life on earth you can have the last laugh.

Also, read this controversial debate from PBS:
How did we get here?

It's controversial because each side claims to have won. I can't see how Dr. Johnson and the creationists believe they won the argument, but, they do.

Last update: 10/6/00

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