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Go to the Talk.Origins Archive FAQ for an extensive list of common questions and answers about evolution, biology, and science. The listing this link points toward is in a question and answer form. Scroll down through it and you'll find links to FAQs maintained by professional biologists on many topics.

A great place to browse, dozens of files.

This file is especially important to the argument, however: Fossil Hominids.

Some research reported in the American Association for the Advancement of Science's journal "Science" suggests the rate of mutation of segments of mitochondrial DNA may be about 20 times the assumed rate. The article indicates the rapid mutation is confined to known "hot spots" and known mechanisms. See "Calibrating the Mitochondrial Clock" in "Science" volume 279, issue #5347 for January 2, 1998 pp.28-9.

Does this new wrinkle destroy the theoretical basis of evolution, especially the evolution of hominids? Those who think it does should consider the following:

These two items above, and a careful reading of the "Science" article referenced, lead me to say the destruction of evolution is more creationist folklore.

I recommend the book The FACE that Proves the FARCE of Evolution by Hank Hannegraaff as an introduction to the lunacy that creationism is, especially if you think evolution and natural science should be taught together as alternatives to the question of origins. The real farce is that Mr. Hannegraaff cites the Talk.Origins Archive in his bibliography, a source that, if he had browsed, would have undermined every point he thinks he's making in this book. The slow systematic, predictable, march of gene drift (the basis of the genetic "molecular clock"), and the occasional big changes caused by sudden drops in breeding population, are played against each other for laughs. "Punctuated Equilibrium" is treated like a scientist's dream to deny the rightful place of god. "FACE" is a readable book that will alert you to the farce of creation science; the good-willed faith-promotion by lies that people of faith are capable of; and the mind-numbed monomania of creationism.

On the other hand, if you are a creationist or are on the fence on the origins question, I recommend the book Evolution and the Myth of Creationism by Dr. Tim M. Berra as an introduction to evolution. This book is very readable, illustrated, and well indexed, and along with the links above is why I think evolution is reasonable and god-driven creation is not.

Last update: 1/9/01

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