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Hank Hanegraaff, the Bible Answer Man is president of the Christain Research Institute, and author of The Counterfeit Revival.

"Revival" is a very readable book, not full of theistic jargon, and not full of faith-promoting rumors. Mr. Hanegraaff describes, and documents instances of, the tricks, shady history, and current operations of the charasmatic evengelical movement. The "psycho-social manipulation" and "psychosomatic cures for psychosomatic illnesses" he discusses also apply, obviously, to other (non-christian) forms of spiritual ectasy religion.

The Toronto/Florida "Blessing" is shown to be wishful thinking and play acting; connections between Toronto/Florida and the Promise Keepers are explored; and the history of the christian ecstasy movements in recent history are discussed.

Mr. Hanegraaff is unable to see a direct connection between the psychological tricks and crowd mentality of Toronto and "Pentecost" or the inflation of the faith-promoting rumors that support the "Blessing" and the resurrection story of the bible character "jesus". Both of these modern phenomena are well-documented in "Revival" and both interpretations of those ancient phenomena are clear corollaries of his work.

Worth reading, worth recommending.

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Last update: 9/24/98