This e-mail was received in early 2001:

I stumbled across your site while killing a little time at the computer. You're doing a good job. I hope that you get some pleasure out of it. Time passes and I become more of an "unbeliever." But, it's difficult to find "thoughtful" Atheists. Every once in a while I go to one of the monthly Atheist dinners in San Francisco. Partly to commune, commiserate and otherwise hobnob with my fellow Atheists and partly check out all the hot Atheist babes.

Anyway, the folks who attend these meetings are a great group but they are way more concerned with keeping Nativity Scenes off public property than they are with thoughtful discussion. I have come to view the "God does/does not exist" argument as something of a "tarbaby" argument. Once you grab hold of it, you're stuck with it. I tend to agree with Kant that there's no overwhelming evidence for either side of the argument. What does interest me is the "Intervention" aspect. Whether or not some God exists is, I think, secondary to whether or not he intervenes in human affairs. There might be a 1000 gods but if they don't exert any influence in day to day affairs, then, so what? I think that the importent question is not "is or isn't" but "does or doesn't." While there might not be a way, through rational methods to prove or disprove the "Existence" issue. There probably is a way through rational statistical methods to prove or disprove the efficacy of prayer. I can't think of any system that has a "super spirit" at its center that does not also include a way for humans to connect to that "super spirit." I seems to me that the major faiths are starting to sense the weakness of this link and are beginning to modify, if not back away from, the old style of prayer. The current trend seems to be to ask only that God make his Will known to us. Whether or not that takes place is a little tough to prove. Anyway, this email seems to have run away on me. I enjoyed your page. I'll return.

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