Received September 30, 2000 regarding my opinion of Lee Strobel's book The Case for Christ. The letter stands alone.

I don't know if I would really agree with you on what you wrote about Lee Strobel's book: The Case for Christ. He started this quest even doubting that this thing we call Christianity had any hard evidence to back it up. I don't know where you stand as far as your beliefs. But what I do know is that Mr. Strobel started out a skeptic and with the evidence he had before him did what I would like to refer to as the right thing. He used his legal background to ask questions and search for the truth and in the end found himself convinced that Jesus might be Christ. Searching for Christ isn't something that should be taken lightly, and that goes for any other religious beliefs. One must dig in and find out the facts before one decides to make major life changes as this. I think that is what Strobel did. I know that every one is not going to believe that Jesus is God. But let the record state that as for Mr. Strobel and myself: He (Jesus) is God.

Thak you for your time.

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