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We are all aware that Egypto-Babylonian culture set European civilisation going; but few modern people have observed the fact, so important in the history of morals and religion, that Egypto-Babylonian culture also set Hebrew civilisation going. Later a current of early oriental influences, of which Chritianity is the most noticeable, continuing to set towards Europe, eventually transformed the Roman State at Constantinople into an oriental despotism and continued to be felt until long after the Crusades.

Italics author's.

The Dawn of Conscience
James H. Breasted

I'm using "Egypto-Grecian" as a shorthand for Judeo-Muslim-Christian and their predecessor religions. This is a compression of Judaism and its daughter, Islam, both having Egyptian religion as their base; of Christianity as a hybrid of Egyptian-influenced Judaism and Egyptian-influenced Greek philosophy and religious-mindedness; and of the religions of the Egyptians; and by extension, of the predecessors of the Egyptians somewhere up the Nile in the heart of Africa.

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