Enter the hotmail ID you want to hack. (remember this) this hack attempt ONLY works if the user has not LOGGED out of hotmail. If the user has logged out this attempt will not be successful and you will get a message saying you were logged out. Type in there user name here
Type in there user name here
Make sure you have typed the username exactly right because hotmail will not tell you if you have typed it incorrectly, they also log the IP's of people entering incorrect login names. It is now time to view the html source code of the password page that you are on now. View the source for this page. Five lines down or so from the top of the source code page, it will say
Goto the address in the action part of this code. http://somenumber/cgi-bin//start/username/anothernumber If the hotmail user didn't logout, you will have access to their mailbox. If they logged out try another.

Email: boozywoozy@hotmail.com