This applet is probably my favourite ever,I found it on a home page around september '97and never saw it since as I lost my bookmarks!!
Then one day I found it again sooooo here it is........

Sorry, your browser doesn't suppor Java.

Here's the script to cut and paste
<applet codebase="" applet code="Plasma3.class" width=192 height=192> <param name=res value="3"> <param name=gen1 value="43"> <param name=gen2 value="31"> <param name=gen3 value="36"> <param name=red1 value="0"> <param name=red2 value="127"> <param name=red3 value="1"> <param name=green1 value="127"> <param name=green2 value="127"> <param name=green3 value="2"> <param name=blue1 value="127"> <param name=blue2 value="127"> <param name=blue3 value="1"> <param name=speed value="1"> <param name=textscroll value="plasmscr.txt"> <param name=textoffset value="100"> <param name=textspeed value="2"> <param name=textfont value="Arial"> <param name=textbold value="NO"> <param name=textsize value="36"> <param name=textshadow value="YES"> <param name=TextColR value="250"> <param name=TextColG value="150"> <param name=TextColB value="250"> <param name=TextSColR value="20"> <param name=TextSColG value="20"> <param name=TextSColB value="50"> <param name=TextJumpAmp value="0"> <param name=TextJumpSpd value="0"> <param name=memdelay value="16"> <param name=priority value="3"> <param name=fixnetscape value="NO"> Sorry, your browser doesn't suppor Java. </applet>