PopMenu free applet

David Griffiths

The PopMenu free applet is a Windows 95 style menu bar for web site navigation.

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java applet parameters

<applet code=PopMenu.class width=500 height=30>

<param name="labelpos" value="right">

<param name="src0" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text0" value="Home">
<param name="href0" value="target.htm">

<param name="src1" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text1" value="Java">
<param name="href1" value="target.htm">

<param name="src2" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text2" value="Savers">
<param name="href2" value="target.htm">

<param name="src3" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text3" value="Interests">
<param name="href3" value="target.htm">

<param name="src4" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text4" value="Muriel">
<param name="href4" value="target.htm">

<param name="src5" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text5" value="Guestbook">
<param name="href5" value="target.htm">

<param name="src6" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text6" value="Search">
<param name="href6" value="target.htm">

<param name="src7" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text7" value="Stats">
<param name="href7" value="target.htm">

<param name="src8" value="hyper.gif">
<param name="text8" value="Config">
<param name="href8" value="target.htm">


java applet explanation

To use the PopMenu free java applet, I

applet parameters

This defines the hyperlink associated with the button. There will usually be several of these parameters defined (starting with HREF0, HREF1,...): one for each of the buttons.
This is the image file that will be used within the nth button.
The caption for the nth button.
Defines the target frame for the hyperlink. This parameter is only given once and binds all buttons. I may change it in the future to allow different buttons to have different target frames. The default for frame is "_top".
This defines the default label position for all of the buttons on the menu. This can be BELOW or RIGHT. If not specified, this will take the value BELOW.
This allows you to override the default label position for a particular button.

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